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The 5 Characteristics of Highly Successful Job Postings - Tips for Effective Online Recruiting

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Over the last decade, online job boards have emerged as the most efficient and cost-effective recruiting method for reaching qualified professional candidates, and niche job boards have exploded in popularity as employers and jobseekers alike find that they provide an even more streamlined approach to the job search process.

Niche boards allow companies to connect with candidates who have particular skills, experience or backgrounds, resulting in a much greater probability for a successful hire in a shorter amount of time because the pool of candidates is already, in effect, "pre-qualified."

However, simply posting a job listing online isn't enough to attract A-grade candidates. Just as jobseekers have to carefully craft their resumes, you too have to put the same thought and effort into your job posting if you want to win the war for top talent.

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How to Create an Eye-Catching Job Posting
  1. Include a Salary Range
    During the recruiting process, many employers are reluctant to share too much information too soon, especially when it comes to compensation, but if you have a good idea of the salary range you are willing to pay a new hire, why not share that information?

    Candidates are much more likely to respond to postings that include salary information. It reassures them that you are on the same page when it comes to pay, and they will not be wasting their time when they submit an application.

    By including a salary range in your job posting, you are weeding out candidates whose salary expectations are simply out of line with your budget, saving you time you might otherwise spend reviewing resumes and screening applicants who are not willing to work for what you want to pay.

    One important caveat: make sure that you are offering a competitive salary. If your company is paying below market value for similar jobs in your area, you simply won't be able to attract top-tier candidates.

  2. Tell Candidates Why Your Company is a Great Place to Work
    How many times have you seen (or used) the tired old boilerplate "we offer a competitive salary and benefits package" line? To lure top performers, you need to sell your company in your ad. Why is it great to work there? Why do you look forward to coming to work on Mondays? What do you offer that they won't find at your competitors?

    When creating your ad, imagine you are talking to a friend, and you want to convince them to work for your company. Would you say, "my company offers competitive compensation and benefits" in a regular conversation? Make your pitch personable so prospective candidates can picture themselves as a part of your organization. Don't be afraid to add some tidbits that really show the flavor of your team!

  3. Make Sure the Job Title Matches the Job
    If you are looking for a mid-level professional to work at a moderate salary, don't create a job title that sounds impressive but doesn't accurately reflect the position. If you post an ad for a Creative Director, you may receive many responses, but what happens when applicants find out that you really want someone for hands-on graphic design at a modest salary? Your ad may pull in more responses with a fancy job title, but if candidates don't want what you have to offer, what have you really accomplished?

  4. Provide details about the position
    Vague job descriptions only frustrate jobseekers and derail your recruiting efforts. They are the equivalent of commercials that provide just enough information to pique a customer's interest, only to make them "call for more details and pricing." The best talent knows that their time is valuable, and they want to know up front if the available job fits their talents and expectations.

  5. Inform candidates about your willingness and assurance to sponsor visas or pay relocation costs
    Remember, you are speaking to a global audience with your online job ad. If are willing to pay for relocation costs or sponsor a Visa for the successful candidate, say so! Otherwise, the perfect applicant may never respond to your listing if they aren't in your local area and/or need work sponsorship.

By following these simple tips, you will increase the effectiveness of your online job ads, improve response rates, save valuable time and make your job as a recruiter easier!